Hexberg Nursery is primarily a vine nursery that has been supplying quality vines for over 90 years.  In 2016, we decided to diversify by planting pomegranate trees.
We quickly realized the gap in the market to grow pomegranate trees. Because we operate an existing
commercial nursery, we were able to adapt easily and start growing pomegranate trees.

Hexberg Nursery maintains close ties with strategic key players to ensure high-quality plant material to its customers.
A variety of cultivars are available, and all plant material is collected from our own mother blocks that we manage ourselves.

Our reach goes far beyond our nursery activities as we also provide all our clients with a complete pre-and after-sales service in the field.
These services include:

Farm and vineyard planning:

soil suitability, clonal and rootstock consideration.

Technical viticulture input

in addressing long-term vineyard challenges
such as leaf roll and wood health management.

After sales services:

post planting inspections on new developments.